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Shift power and profits with distributed energy optimization.

Changing the Energy Landscape

You can change the energy world with the power of aggregated distributed energy. Our software solution SchwarmDirigent® enables you and your customers to create profits from optimized energy assets while contributing to an efficient and reliable grid.




How You Profit

SchwarmDirigent® enables you to benefit from markets that empower distributed energy assets to: provide grid services, participate in energy markets, and offer behind-the-meter solutions.

Automatic savings

Lower your customers´ energy bill by managing onsite energy generation, storage and demand.

  • Peak shifting
  • Peak shaving
  • Time-of-use management
  • Microgrid management

Maximized earnings

Generate revenue by participating in different energy markets and by providing grid services.

  • Balancing energy
  • Demand response
  • Energy market participation
  • Signal-driven dispatch

Passionate about the Digital Energy World

“As a German company we believe Energiewende goes beyond decarbonization – it is about decentralization, digitalization and democratization. We enable our global customers to become a driving force in this exciting energy transition.“

— Heiko von Tschischwitz, CEO

A Proven Track Record


A strong partnership - LichtBlick and Eneco join forces to drive green energy in Europe



Tesla Energy Powerwall becomes part of LichtBlick's virtual power plant.

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LichtBlick and Tesla Energy team up to help homeowners in Germany integrate energy storage into the grid.

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LichtBlick uses electric cars to stabilize the grid – charging costs could drop by up to 200 euros annually.

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Lichtblick's software is the leading platform for aggregating DERs into a functioning grid.

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“LichtBlick has developed trendsetting solutions that bear huge potential for reliable, distributed and renewable energy supply.” (Eberhard Brandes, CEO)

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